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Local Moves

Our professional movers will help you plan and manage your move from beginning to end. Moving within the state or less than 150 miles? Call us today for a free estimate. Last Minute Moving and Delivery is the mover of choice for all your local moving needs.

Furniture & Box Delivery


 We offer furniture and box delivery service across all borough and Long Island. Whether you've just bought a new sofa and need help getting it home from the store, or just need some boxes taken to a client across town we can help!

Student Specials

 We offer amazing specials to students are recent college graduates. Dont get stuck paying a ton of money to move just a few pieces of furniture and some boxes. Let us give take care of your move and keep more money in your pocket!

 Damages: Although our moving staff will be as careful as possible, from time to time damages may occur. If a damage is caused by our staff, at our discretion, we will: repair the item or compensate for its depreciated value. China, glass, clocks, glassware, lamps, mirrors, pictures, artwork, Flat Panel Televisions, or any other fragile articles that are not packed & unpacked by Last Minute Moving will only be moved at the owners risk. Because the mechanical condition of electronics and appliances is unknown; we only assume responsibility for items which are mishandled or receive visible damage by our staff. We are not responsible for unprotected flooring. If due to an inherent weakness in a piece of furniture (I.E. defect, prior repair, unstable construction) a damage occurs, you understand that we will not be liable for any damage (s) to that piece. 

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